Stack and Queue


The Stack and Queue programming project is one of the first projects I have ever written using the C++ programming language. This was a given assignment in graduate school and I had a very limited time to complete it. This program only uses the command line to interact and does not have a graphical user interface.

This program is focused around a main.cpp file like most other C++ programs. I have split out both the stack and the queue into their own include file. I am using iostream to drive the information into the command line for the user to interact with. The program prompt the user for input and then manipulates the stack and the queue. The user can add and remove items from the queue as well as look at the numbers included in the queue.

The goal of this project is a simple one, but it is a very important one to understand as it is used in memory management for programming. Learning how to manipulate a stack and queue is a process that will make you a better programmer. Even if you use a dynamic programming language that takes care of memory management, it still helps to understand the basics of stack and queue when working with databases.

Every computer task can be boiled down to a few simple data structure concepts. These concepts allow for building fast and stable programs for computers. If your program is not stable, users will not want to have it installed on their computer. Learn the basic concepts of programming before moving on to bigger projects.

View the Stack and Queue C++ Project on GitHub 

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