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Grocery Store Counter application running in Terminal on Ubuntu

Grocery Store Counter


This project is a little more complex than the previous projects I have posted. The grocery store counter is an application modeled after the...

computer screensaver

Computer Sleep


When looking at data transmissions over a wireless network, there is a clear pattern in regards to computers going to sleep. A computer going...

Priority Queue


The next project on my list is once again a graduate school project. I am expanding the stack and queue by adding in a...

Stack and Queue


The Stack and Queue programming project is one of the first projects I have ever written using the C++ programming language. This was a...

Smartphones as Micro-Computers


A smartphone is a micro-computer that falls under the class of desktop computers. Each smartphone has its own operating system that uses a native...

Computer Processing in Guitar Amplification


There has always been a debate over which type of amplifier produces superior sound. With computer processors being produced that emulate vintage amplifiers, the...