008 Introducing SIDS and Developmental Charts

Richie begins the podcast by talking about the developmental charts used to gauge the growth of children. This leads him to talk about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and his worries as a first time parent. He circles back around to developmental charts and explains that they will be the basis of the upcoming podcasts.

007 Syndication and Halloween

This is an in-between episode where Richie talks about a schedule change for the Dad Strength podcast. The podcast will now be released on Wednesday. He then talks about going out for Trick or Treat and dressing up for Halloween. He finishes the episode by talking about Saturday morning cartoons and sign language.

003 How to Have Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Richie talks about sleep schedules with a baby in the house. He stresses how important it is to keep your schedule as close to the baby’s schedule to keep energy levels up. He also talks about keeping your house loud so that your baby becomes accustomed to sleeping in a normal environment.